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Criminal Appeals

After a conviction in a criminal case, it is possible to file an appeal. At the law offices of Simms & Associates, we are dedicated to helping clients seek an appeal if it is warranted in their case.

There are time frames in which an appeal must be filed. Contact us today to explore your options for seeking an appeal.

It is important to know that you have a limited amount of time to file an appeal. This time varies from as little as 10 (ten) days in a federal case to 42 (forty-two) days in state court. It is essential that we file a timely notice of appeal in your case. Otherwise, the appellate court will not hear your case.

Our firm thoroughly reviews the handling of your case. We order a copy of your trial transcripts and read them carefully in search of what is known as 'reversible error". By examining the transcripts, we can determine if there is a good basis for the appeal, before you invest in the process.

We handle appeals in variety of courts, including appeals from municipal courts to state appellate courts and beyond.

Our firm can help you understand why an appeal is or is not in your best interest. An appeals attorney at our firm can help you weigh the legal, financial, and personal benefits and drawbacks of seeking a criminal appeal.

Contact a lawyer at Simms & Associates today to discuss the possibility of filing an appeal in your case.