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Cocaine and crack are highly addictive drugs. Possession and other activities related to this drug can lead to severe consequences that have a drastic impact on your life. We at the Birmingham law office of Simms & Associates aggressively stand up for the rights of individuals that are facing a range of cocaine/crack cocaine charges, including possession.

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If you are in possession of over 1 ounce of cocaine/crack cocaine, you may also be charged with trafficking. These charges are more serious than possession charges and need to be thoroughly addressed by an experienced criminal defense lawyer.


When facing cocaine/crack cocaine distribution charges, it is important to know that the prosecution must show that you furnished, delivered, or gave cocaine/crack cocaine away to another person.

Our firm deals with cocaine/crack cocaine trafficking and distribution cases by looking at all aspects of the case, including the situation in which the police confiscated the drugs. Search and seizure laws are frequently violated by law enforcement. If your rights were violated, we may be able to have the case thrown out or dismissed.

Changes in Federal Sentencing Guidelines

Recently, there have been significant changes made in the Federal Sentencing Guidelines that apply to crack cocaine-related cases. Our firm is well versed in the changes to the law and can explain how these changes apply to your case. Also, the amendments DO apply retroactively to individuals that have already been convicted of crack cocaine offenses. Individuals in federal prison can petition the courts for re-sentencing under the new guidelines.

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