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drug trafficking

In Alabama, the crime of trafficking is a possessory offense.  In other words, mere possession of a certain quantity of a particular controlled substance is labeled trafficking, regardless of your intent.

Drug trafficking is a serious crime that becomes more serious as the quantity of the drug being trafficked increases. With prosecutors aggressively prosecuting this crime, you need an equally aggressive defense lawyer to protect your rights.

At Simms & Associates in Birmingham, Alabama we strive to provide aggressive and personalized representation to individuals who are facing drug trafficking charges.

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Below are some examples of the drug-specific quantities that are considered trafficking:

Type of Drug

Trafficking Quantities


Possessing 2.2 pounds or more of marijuana constitutes trafficking in marijuana under Alabama Law.

Cocaine/Crack Cocaine

Any amount of Cocaine over 1 ounce constitutes trafficking in cocaine under Alabama law.

/Crystal Meth

Possessing, selling, delivering or manufacturing 4 grams or more of methamphetamine may cause you to be charged with trafficking in illegal drugs.

Prescription Drugs

For prescription drugs, the quantities vary. Law enforcement looks at the specific drug and the quantity involved before making a determination as to the proper charge.

Defense of a Drug Trafficking Charge

An arrest does not amount to a conviction. As your legal counsel, we at Simms & Associates will work to ensure that your rights were not violated. An attorney at our office will carefully review the evidence and the events that led up to your arrest for drug trafficking, particularly any issues that may suggest a violation of your constitutional rights. A Fourth Amendment violation can lead to suppression of the evidence and ultimately, the charges against you.

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